Drs. Jaime Modiano and Antonella Borgatti pose with canine patient, Valky.

Teaming up for treatment: MCC/CVM collab advances cancer research in humans and animals

February 28, 2023
This original story by Kaitlin Sullivan was first published by the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine. Read it on the CVM website.  __________  Al and June Perlman didn’t have children in the traditional sense, but…
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Masonic Cancer Center announces fall 2022 internal grant awards

February 16, 2023
The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota recently announced the awarding of $700,000 in pilot grants through its fall 2022 Internal Grant Program. Support for these grants is made available by the center through a variety of…
A portrait of Shalini smiling facing the camera. She wears a light blue shirt with a scoop neck hem. Her curly black hair is resting on the tops of her shoulders.

MCC's Shalini Kulasingam honored for creating a healthier world for women

February 9, 2023
When the University of Minnesota established an award to honor Regents Professor Emerita Sara Evans, an outstanding scholar and a leader for women's equity and social justice, it had women like School of Public Health professor and Masonic…
A Black person's hands hold a cigarette with some of the inside tobacco spilling out onto their open palm.

Innovative global impact: Improving lives and driving change via the Institute for Global Cancer Prevention Research

February 6, 2023
Worldwide, people from under-resourced communities often experience higher exposure to cancer risks and do not have access to cancer screening and other preventive measures.
A portrait of Stefani Thomas, PhD, smiling. Stefani wears black glasses, a white collared shirt with a grey cardigan over the top. Her hair is pulled back.

Masonic Cancer Center’s Stefani Thomas on providing critical insight into patients’ ovarian cancer treatment—before the treatment even starts

January 23, 2023
Every day, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota researchers make innovative discoveries about cancer and its effects on Minnesotans and beyond, thanks in large part to generous funding from a number of partners.
A portrait of Dr. Rahel Ghebre smiling, on the right side, next to a turquoise cancer awareness crest for cervical cancer on the left side.

Talking cervical cancer awareness and health equity with Masonic Cancer Center's Dr. Rahel Ghebre

January 5, 2023
Cervical cancer was once a leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. Thanks to screening and prevention measures, today, the impact of this form of cancer has been greatly reduced. However, nearly 14,500 women in the U.…
A maroon background with text on the left and a headshot of J. Sunil Rao on the right. The text reads, "Professor J. Sunil Rao joins the Masonic Cancer Center."

J. Sunil Rao joins the Masonic Cancer Center and School of Public Health, bringing biostatistical innovations to the fight against cancer

December 19, 2022
In January 2023, the Masonic Cancer Center (MCC) is thrilled to be welcoming J. Sunil Rao as MCC’s second director of biostatistics.
A portrait of Dr. Andrew Venteicher (left) and, separately, of Erin Marcotte, MPH, PhD (right) in a collage.

Research brief: Racial disparities in surgery recommendations for patients with brain tumors

December 14, 2022
University of Minnesota Medical School researchers found that a patient’s race may influence recommendations for surgical removal of brain tumors. According to their analysis, published in The Lancet, Black patients were independently…
A close up of a female researcher working on a microscope. The researcher wears a white hair net and white mask over the bottom half of her face.

What are cancer clinical trials, and why are they so important?

December 7, 2022
Cancer’s impact on Minnesotans is no secret. Nearly half of all Minnesotans will be diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening cancer during their lifetimes. One out of four Minnesotans die of cancer. And cancer is the leading cause of…
A person, presumed to be a teenager, with long hair wearing a purple long sleeve shirt holds in their right hand a yellow vaping pen and in their left hand a smartphone.

Research brief: Reducing youth interest in flavored vaping products

December 6, 2022
The popularity of flavored vaping products among young people has been a growing concern in recent years, and a number of campaigns intended to reduce the popularity of these products have been developed as a result. Many of these…