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The Masonic Cancer Center and M Health Fairview work together to ensure patients have access to the latest techniques and advances in medicine when and where they need them. 

No one is working harder to advance the science of life-saving cancer care than our team of experts. Every day, M Health Fairview patients benefit from working with our specialized team of doctors, nurses, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

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Info and Resources on Clinical Trials

Advances in medicine and science are the results of new ideas and approaches developed through research. New cancer treatments must prove to be safe and effective in scientific studies with a certain number of patients before they can be made widely available. Every clinical trial has different patient requirements. Consult your physician or oncologist to determine whether or not a clinical trial is right for you.

The National Cancer Institute provides a number of free resources on clinical trials for both patients and caregivers that includes information of patient safety and questions to ask your doctor. You can also check out our "What are cancer clinical trials, and why are they so important?" blog post

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Clinical trial myths: 

There are many myths about clinical trials, and they are a major barrier to people participating in clinical trials. Thank you to the Masonic Cancer Center's Community Advisory Board and the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism for helping to develop videos that walk us through some of these myths.