Mass Spectrometry Services

The Analytical Biochemistry shared resource provides a variety of molecular identification, characterization and quantitation capabilities to its users utilizing a variety of mass spectrometers (see below). Both liquid and gas chromatographic separations are provided as are a range of liquid flow rates and ion sources.

The standard operating model for the facility involves extensive training of users in both the use of instrumentation and data analysis using a variety of available software tools. Facility staff maintains and repairs instrumentation and provides guidance in method development and sample preparation as well assistance with troubleshooting of problems related to the users mass spectrometric analysis.


Instruments MCC Member Rates Non-MCC Member Rate External Rate
Triple Quadrupoles $33.00 $35.00 $57.05
Ion Traps $33.00 $35.00 $57.05
     Exactive $33.00 $35.00 $57.05
     Velos $38.00 $51.50 $84.08
     Elite $38.00 $51.50 $84.08
     Fusion $65.00 $85.00 $138.55
     Lumos $65.00 $85.00 $138.55
Triple Quadrupole $33.00 $35.00 $57.05
Single Quadrupole $24.50 $24.50 $39.94
Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer $31.75 $31.75 $51.75
Staff Project Support      
Informatics (Hourly) $100.00 $111.00 $181.04
Biomarker (Hourly) $70 $51.83 $84.48


Building Access

We are located in a secure building. Users must fill out building access forms which can be found on the Research Facility Support Services (RFSS) website.

Contact Information
Peter Villalta, PhD

Yingchun Zhao, Ph.D.

Office: 2-210C CCRB

Jibin (Jason) Guan, Ph.D.
Office: 2-210C CCRB

Linda von Weymarn, Ph.D.
Office: 2-129 CCRB