Cancer Bioinformatics

With a focus on data associated with a large-scale molecular studies, our services are developed on an ad hoc basis depending on the needs of the given researcher. These needs may be as straightforward as working with researchers to access tools available within the University (such as those provided by the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute) or outside the University.

More often, our staff members may serve as collaborative partners in the development of custom databases and analysis pipelines involving large data sets generated in high throughput projects.

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Services We Offer

Requests for assistance will be placed in order of priority as listed below:
  • Projects that provide funding for Cancer Informatics experts in the core
  • Grant preparation
  • Data analysis for cancer-related projects


  • Design experiments involving large-scale molecular studies
  • Referrals to MSI software and staff for other molecular studies
  • Referrals to external software sources (e.g., EnsEMBL, FANTOM)
  • Write bioinformatic components of grant proposals
  • Identify leading-edge technologies to be incorporated in research plans


  • Conduct analysis of high throughput molecular data (e.g., mRNA, miRNA, insertional mutagenesis studies, ChIP-seq)
  • Assist with the interpretation of results
  • Recommend presentation and visualization methods
  • Author bioinformatics component of manuscripts