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A cancer diagnosis can alter the landscape of your life. Although it doesn't redefine you, it can change your lifetime healthcare needs. The Masonic Cancer Center is working to find the best standards and practices to allow cancer survivors to live their best life. We focus on preventing or managing late effects from cancer, including problems that may arise months or even years after treatment ends. Our team also supports you with long-term monitoring to detect any new cancer in its earliest possible stages.

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"Survivors may wonder what steps they need to take to complete the healing process, or how their healthcare needs may change as a result of cancer and treatment. Throughout our survivorship program, patients receive a plan outlining their prior cancer treatment and ways to stay well moving forward. The program addresses quality of life, physical function, and nutritional and spiritual needs, both during therapy and years afterward."

Anne Blaes, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Hematologist / Oncologist