Timothy Griffin, PhD

Director, Proteogenomics Shared Resource

Contact Dr. Griffin: tgriffin@umn.edu

Dr. Griffin is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 1999, followed by post-doctoral studies at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA where he trained in the emerging area of mass spectrometry-based technologies for studying proteomes. His research involves developing analytical and computational tools for the multi-omic study of cancer. As Director of the Proteogenomics Shared Resource, he works with many members of the Masonic Cancer Center to apply these tools to the study of diverse cancer types. Via his role as Faculty Director of the Center for Metabolomics and Proteomics (CMSP) he facilitates collaborations with numerous research laboratories, bringing advanced sample processing, instrumentation and computational tools to bear on many questions related to cancer and biology.


PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999

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Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Griffin's research focuses on development of mass spectrometry-based analytical methods and computational tools to enable the system-wide characterization of proteins and proteomes. His groups also develops “multi-omic” bioinformatics approaches integrating genomic and proteomic data (proteogenomics) to gain new insights into mechanisms of cancer progression and treatment. As Director of the Proteogenomics Shared Resource, Dr. Griffin collaborates with basic and clinical research groups to apply these tools to a wide-variety of questions in cancer research.