Research Projects

researchers in lab

Dr. Lynne Bemis is using extracellular RNA as a source of biomarkers for glioma detection.

Dr. Daniel Harki and Dr. David Ferguson are working on the design and synthesis of anticancer and immunostimulating drugs for brain tumor treatment. Harki Research GroupFerguson Research Group

Dr. David Largaespada is working on the identification and understanding of brain tumor genes, immunotherapy for brain tumors, and cancers associated with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 syndrome. Largaespada Lab

Dr. Christopher Moertel has tested a new brain tumor vaccination strategy using a novel stem cell line grown under low oxygen tension. This stem cell line has been used as the basis for a dendritic cell vaccine. 

Dr. David Odde studies the biomechanics of glioma cell migration with an eye toward strategies to prevent glioma invasiveness. Odde Lab

Dr. Michael Olin is studying CD8+ T cell responses to brain tumors and effective vaccine strategies for brain tumors.

Dr. G. Elizabeth Pluhar is studying gene expression and molecular profiling of canine brain tumors to understand how they develop and their unique vulnerabilities to exploit for therapy. Canine Brain Tumor Clinical Trials Program