Proposal Intent Forms

Proposal development and submission support is available for investigators whose grants are housed in the Masonic Cancer Center. Submit the following forms initiate use of these services for a specific proposal:

Intent to Submit a Proposal

Intent to Submit a Fellowship

Please submit your intent form a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the agency’s application deadline or 8 weeks prior if proposal includes a subcontract(s). This applies to all types of proposals (new, resubmissions, renewals, internal awards, subcontracts, etc.), to all agencies, foundations, companies.

The use of these intent forms gives our team the information we need to complete internal SPA documents and provide you with a proposal submission schedule, a draft budget and a proposal component checklist.

The proposal submission schedule we set is dependent on variables including SPA deadlines, complexity of proposal, current pre-award office workload, PI travel/commitments, etc.

Please note that the latest possible deadlines are given to the earliest received intent forms when multiple proposals are being processed simultaneously. So submit your intent forms early!