Become a Member

Membership Benefits

Masonic Cancer Center members, in addition to the ability to use shared resources, may be eligible to:

  • Receive an allocation of Masonic Cancer Center coordinated space to conduct research, education or patient care
  • Receive cancer center core grant funds
  • Obtain philanthropic funding from the Masonic Cancer Center for cancer research
  • Apply for national competitive grants coordinated by the Masonic Cancer Center

Responsibilities of Membership

Members are required to fulfill one of these on an annual basis to maintain membership.

  • Work with other members of the Masonic Cancer Center to develop and participate in research, education, and clinical and service programs
  • Acknowledge Masonic Cancer Center membership in cancer-related publications and presentations
  • Notify the Masonic Cancer Center Administration of cancer-related intramural proposals and/or extramural grant applications in which the member is or plans to be involved
  • Obtain approval of Masonic Cancer Center administrative offices prior to use of Masonic Cancer Center Resources
  • Provide information required for NCI Cancer Center Support Grant reporting
  • Participate in philanthropic activities

Membership Levels

There are three categories of membership in the Masonic Cancer Center:

  • Full members must have faculty rank at the University of Minnesota (Assistant Professor or above on the tenure or non-tenure track), have a commitment to cancer research, have published peer-reviewed cancer-related research, and/or cancer-related research funding.
  • Adjunct members are investigators from outside the University of Minnesota who have an ongoing affiliation with a program of the Masonic Cancer Center and who collaborate in Masonic Cancer Center research.
  • Affiliate members are University of Minnesota faculty or staff who contribute to the overall mission of the Masonic Cancer Center in the areas of research, education, patient care and/or community outreach.

Research Program members are selected by the Executive Committee based upon the following criteria: peer-reviewed funding and/or leadership in clinical trials, and participation in a cancer center research program. New faculty recruits with research interests that align with one of our programs may also be eligible for research program membership.

Application Process

Individuals may apply for membership through submission of the Masonic Cancer Center Application for Membership.

  • Complete the membership application: Google Form
  • The applicant will include a statement to the Masonic Cancer Center Directors regarding his/her primary/other area of interest in cancer.
  • If all criteria are met, the candidate will be appointed by the Masonic Cancer Center Directors to the appropriate membership category and program area.