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Masonic Cancer Center Members Awarded NCI Research Grants

The following Masonic Cancer Center members are the Principal Investigators on projects that were awarded National Cancer Institute (NCI) Research Grants in the latest grant cycle.


Carol Lange, PhD - Progesterone Receptor (PR) Signaling Cross Talk Drives ER+ Breast Cancer
Aaron LeBeau, PhD - Cyclic Peptide Protease Inhibitors for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Carsten Wagner, PhD - Targeting Effector Immune cells to Cancer with Chemically Self-Assembled Nanorings (CSANs)
David Wood, PhD, and Paolo Provenzano, PhD - A platform to functionally sort and analyze tumor cells within combinatorial metastatic micorenvironments
Douglas Yee, MD - Disrupting insulin receptor function in breast cancer


Nobuaki Kikyo, MD, PhD - m6A modification of fusion gene mRNAs
Anna Prizment, PhD - Immune-regulating MHC class I-like proteins and colorectal cancer risk


Nicholas Levinson, PhD - Time-resolved FRET-based allostery sensors for any protein kinase drug target


Peter Gordon, PhD - Overcoming Leukemia Chemoresistance in the Central Nervous System