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Masonic Cancer Center announces Spring 2023 internal grant awards

The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota recently announced the awarding of
$200,000 in pilot grants through its Spring 2023 Internal Grant Program. Support for these
grants is made available by the center through a variety of funding sources, including the
Minnesota Masonic Charities, American Cancer Society, Women’s Cancer Research Fund, and
Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research Fund.

The purpose of this program is to promote innovation, spark research collaborations, and
support novel research concepts with the goal of answering the toughest cancer research
questions. The goal of the program is to fund pilot projects that lead to nationally peer-reviewed
grant funding.

Please join us in thanking the Masonic Cancer Center’s support partners and congratulating this
year’s award recipients.

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants

Characterizing Health Care Contact Days Among Older Cancer Survivors
Arjun Gupta, MD; Helen Parsons, PhD, MPH
Award Amount: $40,000

Functional proteomic insights into the mechanisms of HDAC6 inhibitor treatment sensitivity in
high-grade serous ovarian cancer
Stefani Thomas, PhD
Award Amount: $40,000

Cancer Research Translational Initiative (CRTI) Translational Working Group Awards

A liquid biopsy-derived proteogenomics as a prognostic biomarker for 177Lu-PSMA-617
radioligand therapy in patients with prostate cancer
Justin Drake, PhD; Emmanuel Antonarakis, MD; Scott Dehm, PhD
Award Amount: $50,000

Utilizing molecular tracing to study therapy resistance mechanisms in ER+ breast cancer
Thu Truong, PhD; Nuri Temiz, PhD; Zohar Sachs, MD, PhD; Heather Beckwith, MD
Award Amount: $50,000

Mezin-Koats Colon Cancer Research Award

The role of polyp location in surveillance time intervals of colorectal cancer screening
Paolo Goffredo, MD
Award Amount: $25,000

Targeting CEP55 to Overcome Immune Evasion in Colorectal Cancer
Subree Subramanian, PhD; Daniel Harki, PhD
Award Amount: $25,000

Women’s Cancers Research Award

MITObolome of ARID1-A mutated-ovarian cancer
Martina Bazzaro, PhD; Stefani Thomas, PhD
Award Amount: $50,000