Randy Shaver

2020 Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund Awards

Each year the Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund awards grants to groups across the state of Minnesota that are working to reduce the burden of cancer.

The mission of the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund is to support the cancer community in Minnesota by funding research, prevention, treatment and other programs relating to the cancer community’s needs.

The following Masonic Cancer Center members were recently awarded Shaver Fund Awards from the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund.

EBV Vaccine Henry Balfour, MD A vaccine against the first human cancer viruses (Epstein-Barr Virus)
Repurposing Non-Cancer Drugs Venkatram Merredy, PhD Repurposing FDA-approved clinically used non-cancer drugs for an immediate impact on pancreatic cancer treatment
B Cell Cancers Veronika Bachanova, MD, PhD Developing a new drug for treatment of B Cell cancers
Ovarian Cancer Martina Bazzaro, PhD Identify a molecular signature predictive of ovarian cancer metastasis and a means to treat it
Pancreatic Cancer Julia Davydova, MD, PhD To develop a multimodal therapy for pancreatic cancer
Lung Cancer Gunda Georg, PhD To develop novel therapeutics for lung cancer treatment
Leukemia Peter Gordon, MD, PhD Development of a novel therapy for the treatment of leukemia
Liver Cancer Betsy Kren, PhD Targeted therapy for liver cancer in models unresponsive to the first line therapeutic
Zika Virus Walt Low, PhD Zika virus - based therapy for treating malignant brain tumors
Multiple Myeloma Aimee Merino, MD, PhD To determine the most efficacious way to use our expanded, adaptive NK cell product to treat multiple myeloma
Pediatric Osteosarcoma Branden Moriarity, PhD Develop a novel antibody based therapeutic with intent of eventual clinical translation for pediatric osteosarcoma
Neurotoxicity in Immunotherapy Christopher Pennell, PhD To prevent neurotoxicity caused by A type of cancer immunotherapy
Breast Cancer David Potter, MD, PhD Overcoming hormone therapy resistance in ER+ and HER2 breast cancer
Prostate Cancer Arpit Rao, MD to perform validation of exosome-based liquid biopsy assay as a marker of minimal residual disease in patients with advanced prostate cancer
TriKEs and TetraKEs Deepali Sachdev, PhD Test a novel immunotherapy for solid cancers (metastatic breast cancer)
IncuCyte S3 Imaging System Amy Skubitz, PhD Imaging system to digitally monitor cancer cell behavior
Ovarian Cancer Timothy Starr, PhD Develop immunotherapy treatment for advanced ovarian cancer
Developing New Cancer Drugs Daniel Vallera, PhD Taking the next steps towards bringing a new immunotherapy drug to first in human studies
Liver Cancer Jeffrey Albrecht, MD To develop a multimodal therapy for pancreatic cancer