Spotlight Science: Cancer and Community

Bell Museum
Bell Museum Banner
The Masonic Cancer Center is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting in the main lobby of the Bell Museum for their Spotlight Science series! 

Cancer research is a broad term that encapsulates a wide breadth of subjects and focuses. Join us for this event as we delve deeper into some of the subjects that Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota researchers are studying to help reduce the burden of cancer throughout the state. Topics will vary from Cancer Bio 101 to hands-on laboratory research techniques!


Curious about your role and possible impact in the community? We will also be sharing information regarding careers in cancer and how you can prevent cancer.


The Masonic Cancer Center is the Twin Cities’ only Comprehensive Cancer Center and one of the only 71 institutions in the United States to hold that designation. We create a collaborative research environment focused on the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of cancer; applying that knowledge to improve quality of life for patients and survivors.