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The Science Museum and the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota invite you to join us at this exciting event! Come support Masonic Cancer Center researchers as they educate and engage museum attendees on everything from Cancer Bio 101 to hands-on laboratory research techniques! These activities are free to all museum attendees.

Goldy Vs. Cancer exhibits will be hosted throughout the museum to encourage maximum attendee engagement!


2024 Goldy vs. Cancer Exhibitors

Cancer in Human Organs
Get a firsthand look at real human tissue samples and see how your organs change as cancer cells crawl throughout the body! 
All In The Family
Did you know that risk factors for cancer can run in a family? Join our genetic counseling team in making a fun "DNA bracelet" while discussing what features to look for in your family history.
Be a Cancer Researcher!
Join us for a hands-on activity showing how scientists use proteins to study cancer cells and find new treatments. Use a microscope to look at real human breast cancer cells! Learn to measure small volumes of liquids using a micropipette, just like researchers do in the laboratory!
Clinical Trials Save Lives!
Clinical trials are happening all across MN! Come chat with us to learn more about what it means to participate in a cancer clinical trial, and why they're so important in the fight against cancer!
Pet Power: Learning from Cancer in Our Companion Animals.
Cancer happens across the animal kingdom. In particular, dogs, cats, and other domestic animals get cancers that are similar to those seen in humans and that respond to comparable treatments. Stop by to learn more about our work and to hear success stories about how studies of our pets are helping uncover cancer breakthroughs!
Lung Cancer Patient & Caregiver Support
Research matters when it comes to improving lung cancer survival. So does patient & caregiver support and public awareness for improved early detection! Learn what A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation is doing to advance awareness and support for lung cancer.
Improving Cancer Outcomes for ALL
What is a Clinical Trial? Did you know that people of all ages, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds can volunteer for clinical trials? Visit with our Cancer Center Research staff and learn more about clinical trials and why diversity is so important in improving cancer outcomes for all communities.
Creating Genetically Modified Cells to Cure Cancer 
Explore how scientists at the Center for Genome Engineering have harnessed the power of CRISPR to sculpt the very essence of life - DNA! Imagine the possibilities as they use this biological tool to craft modified cells that are more capable of fighting cancer cells. Learn more about how this amazing process works and the success already happening in clinical trials.
Cancer Fighters
Learn about the importance of cancer fighting fruits and vegetables while you plant your own cancer fighters to take home!

How to Attend

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How to Attend

Purchasing Tickets

1. On the SMM ticketing page, click on "Museum Admission" in the calendar on the day that you want to attend - Saturday, February 24 for Goldy Vs Cancer at the Science Museum.

2. Select the number of tickets needed. 

  • Note that "Great Tix" are available for $3 for students who receive Free/Reduced Price School Meals as well as any adults (over 18) who are enrolled in TANF | MFIP | WIC | General Assistance | Medical Assistance | MinnesotaCare | Supplemental Security Income | Social Security Disability Benefits | Food Stamps | Section 8. 
  • Additionally, all indigenous people receive free access to the museum, Omnitheater, and parking. Email or call to make these arrangements (more information is available on the access page).

3. Add Omnitheater tickets if you are interested!

4. Pay online and receive your electronic tickets. 

Please contact the Science Museum of Minnesota directly for any questions on ticketing and admissions.

Exhibitors & Volunteers

Masonic Cancer Center exhibitor and volunteer registration is now closed. Please contact with any questions.