Goldy Vs. Cancer Day at the Minnesota State Fair

Driven 2 Discover Building
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The Masonic Cancer Center (MCC) is proud to announce the return of Goldy Vs. Cancer Day at the Minnesota State Fair in 2023 at the Driven 2 Discover Building. Join us to support MCC researchers as they educate and engage fairgoers on the exciting work being done to reduce the burden of cancer for Minnesotans.
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Goldy vs. Cancer Exhibits

Safer Than Cigarettes? 
Bust myths about tobacco use including e-cigarettes. Learn about the dangers of tobacco and its links to cancers.
Cancer in Companion Animals and Across the Animal Kingdom
Discover how animals can help us learn about cancer and how we help animals through games and interactive elements. 
Are You a Cancer Expert? 
Play the cancer trivia game to learn about cancer and win a prize. What is cancer? Learn about the basics of cancer in a fun matching game. 
Aware, Informed, Engaged: Breast Health and You!
Ask your questions regarding breast health, breast cancer screening and view a pictorial review of breast imaging. 
Protecting Your Skin with the Hormel Institute
Skin cancer is the easiest cancer to prevent. Come visit The Hormel Institute's booth and learn some great tips on how you can help keep your skin safe. 
A Look Inside: Real Organs
Get a firsthand look at real human tissue samples and see how your organs change as cancer cells crawl throughout the body! 
Clinical Trials Save Lives
Join the Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network to find out how cancer clinical trials save lives and where clinical trials happen across Minnesota!
What's That in Your Mouth? Oral Cancer? 
Think you're too young to get oral cancer? Think again! The face of oral cancer is changing, and it's time for you to discover answers! What are the risk factors? What causes it? How can we prevent oral cancer? Discover the answer to these questions for a free prize! 
Sun Safety: Protect Your Skin
Learn about taking care of your skin in the sun and take advantage of free skin cancer screenings from faculty and Medical School Students in the Dermatology Interest Group.
All in the Family
What makes you, you? Learn about our unique DNA and traits by creating a DNA bracelet.

Volunteer at the State Fair

There are TWO ways to volunteer at the State Fair this summer. Learn more and sign up directly below. 

Volunteer Opportunity #1
Dates: Thursday, August 24, 2023 - Monday, September 4
Event: Lung Health Screening Event, Hosted by Mayo Clinic, University of MN Health, Allina, HealthPartners, the VA, and A Breath of Hope
Location: Kare 11 Health Fair Building

This year a collaborative effort to improve rates of lung cancer screening will be occurring at the MN State Fair. Join a group of MN healthcare institutions working together to provide lung health education and screening information. Volunteers will receive a set of talking points so you don't need to be an expert to help!

PERKS: Each volunteer will receive an admission ticket and access to complimentary parking

Contact: Bobby Anderson, APRN |

Volunteer with Lung Screening

Volunteer Opportunity #2
Dates: Friday, September 1 - Sunday, September 3
Event: Colorectal Cancer Education and Research
Location: Driven 2 Discover Building

Dr. Charles Rogers and team will feature the “SuperColon”, an inflatable walk-through, interactive, educational tool, which displays graphical examples of healthy colorectal tissue and CRC at various stages. It provides information about screening, risk for developing CRC, and preventative measures.
Volunteers will encourage people to tour the colon and will encourage men ages 18-75 to participate in the pre- and post-test for the study. Eligible men who participate will receive a prize.
PERKS: Each volunteer will receive a $30 gift card, volunteer t-shirt, and an admission ticket

Contact: Kelly Rifelj |

Volunteer with Colon Cancer Research