Data and Biospecimen Utilization Committee (DBUC)

Cancer Biospecimen and Data

The DBUC committee establishes requirements to ensure that all cancer specimens held by all Masonic Cancer Center-supported banks and all data in Masonic Cancer Center-
supported patient registries have been acquired and managed responsibly in the same manner and in accordance with all applicable state, federal and university regulations and

  • MCC members can request and receive biospecimens and/or data
  • DBUC supports Material Transfer Agreements for biospecimen shipments from biobanks to external collaborators
  • An IRB is required for identifiable biospecimens and data while it is determined case-by-case for de-identifiable biospecimens and data
  • Each of the biobank sample/data release will be approved by DBUC panel committee members assigned by each of the biobanks
  • For further details regarding the process contact the DBUC admin and view the latest version of the charter here: DBUC Charter. The DBUC charter was approved by Masonic Cancer Center leadership and signed by Dr. Yee on October 10, 2020.

Our Process

DBUC Process Updated

All publications and presentations resulting from samples released through DBUC should acknowledge the following language: "This work was supported in part by NCI 5P30CA077598-18, Minnesota Masonic Charities and the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial Fund. 

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List of MCC Biobanks

Biobank Sample Request Application Form

  • MT2009-22R Immune Reconstitution Biobank IMR-2009NTLS116, PI: Dr. Jeffrey Miller
    Sample Inventory Report
  • Hematologic Disorder Tissue Bank
    HMTB-2009NTLS130, PI: Dr. Veronika Bachanova
    Sample Inventory Report
  • Immune Monitoring Biobank
    IMR2-2017NTLS045, PI: Dr. Shernan Holton
    Sample Inventory Report
  • Lung Cancer Biobank
    2015NTLS120, PI: Dr. Naomi Fujioka
  • Solid Tumor Cancer Specimen Bank
    2016NTLS035, PI: Dr. Heather Nelson

Sample inventory reports are updated monthly.

Freezerwork Service

  • Freezerworks is a freezer inventory program designed to make sample tracking and biorepository management easy
  • Freezerworks is available for MCC members through CRTI
  • DBUC will oversee Freezerworks administration across research groups 
  • Beginning fall of 2022, DBUC will onboard interested research groups to the Freezerworks software 
  • If interested please contact