About Community Outreach and Engagement

The Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) team’s mission is to reduce the burden of cancer in Minnesota by engaging communities and providing them access to knowledge and information about cancer prevention, treatment, survivorship, and clinical research opportunities.


Reducing The Burden of Cancer


The COE team is focusing on tackling some of the biggest cancer issues affecting our catchment area by:

  • Meeting diverse communities where they are at and in terms that make sense
  • Creating information and resources with our cancer researchers to share the latest information
  • Building and maintaining robust relationships with community partners to host programs to educate Minnesotans
  • Supporting patients through our Oncology Access Nurseline and provide information on clinical trials impacting policy and legislation with science
  • Engaging the community through conferences and events such as the Cancer Survivorship Conference, exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Minnesota State Fair