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Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network Funds Reishi Mushroom Study for Breast Cancer Patients in 2022 Grant Program

The Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network (MNCCTN) is happy to announce the funding of a study, “Reishi mushroom for treating Aromatase inhibitor-associated toxicities: A double-blind, randomized phase 2 trial,” as part of the 2022-2023 MNCCTN Grant Program. The study is led by Stacy D’Andre, MD, medical oncologist and principal investigator with the Mayo Clinic. MNCCTN Medical Director Charles Loprinzi, MD, will serve as co-investigator on the study. 

Dr. D’Andre’s study was awarded in the Community Site Award Option B category. This award was open to MNCCTN partners only, research or clinical. The Community Site Award is intended to broaden the depth and reach of cancer clinical trials at MNCCTN sites in Greater Minnesota and deepen research partnerships with MNCCTN partners and sites. The project will receive $125,000 in funding with a start date of July 1. Dr. D’Andre will work with the MNCCTN HUB on development and implementation of the study at MNCCTN sites over the next year.

Aromatase inhibitors (AI), a common breast cancer treatment, are known to cause toxicities and side effects, such as fatigue, arthralgias (joint pain), and myalgias (muscle pain). These symptoms can impact quality of life for patients, and may cause patients to stop treatment prematurely. This study will evaluate Reishi mushroom, a common medical mushroom, as a treatment to potentially lessen AI-associated toxicities compared to a placebo. 

“I am so grateful this project was chosen and I look forward to working with the MNCCTN team and clinicians,” said Dr. D’Andre. “Many patients are looking for more natural products to help manage side effects. This trial will be important to evaluate if Reishi mushrooms can help reduce common bothersome side effects that impact so many women on aromatase inhibitors.”

This will be the second time that Dr. D’Andre has worked with MNCCTN on a study. Her current study, which evaluates a topical CBD cream for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, has been in development for several months and is expected to open at MNCCTN sites later this summer. 

The MNCCTN Grant Program, first launched in 2021, offers several different award options regularly. The program aims to develop research that addresses the unique cancer burden of Minnesotans, encourage community-driven research, increase capacity of MNCCTN sites, develop sustainable collaborations between community-based organizations and academic researchers, and expand the culture of research across Minnesota. To learn more about the program and previously funded projects, visit the MNCCTN Grant Program webpage.


The Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network (MNCCTN) is a cancer clinical trials network with locations across Minnesota. The network is funded by the Minnesota legislature as part of the University of Minnesota's MnDRIVE Program. Led by the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, MNCCTN and its partner organizations aim to improve cancer outcomes for all Minnesotans through greater access to cancer clinical trials in prevention and treatment.