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HUB Highlight: Amy Nos

The MNCCTN HUB team is highlighting our team members and the fantastic work they do. The MNCCTN HUB is the central team that works in the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, while MNCCTN is the overall, wider network made up of five health care Partners and 24 clinical sites that conduct research throughout Greater Minnesota. 

HUB Highlight infographic for Amy Nos, Regulatory Manager for MNCCTN


This month's HUB Highlight is MNCCTN's Regulatory Manager Amy Nos. Amy started with the MNCCTN HUB in September 2022 and has many years of experience in clinical research, including clinical research associate and regulatory roles! Amy brings a unique perspective to the HUB Team as she worked for an MNCCTN Partner, Essentia Health, and worked on MNCCTN studies for sites as a Regulatory Specialist before moving over to the HUB Team. Hear from Amy about her very intentional cancer research career path, what she enjoys about working in research, how MNCCTN is unique, and what qualities are a good fit for a career in research.

What was your career path before coming to MNCCTN?

I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology. Throughout college I explored various career paths, but I always kept in mind what my great-grandmother told me as a child: that she saw me being a part of something significant and meaningful in cancer research. She has always been my motivation and inspiration behind the work I do. So I definitely knew it was meant to be when I came across a Clinical Research Associate position at Essentia Health for the Oncology Clinical Trials department right after I graduated college. I worked as a CRA for a couple years, then was a Regulatory Specialist for 7 years. During that time, I became SOCRA certified and worked on both adult and pediatric trials across several different sponsors, types of studies, and disease sites, including MNCCTN studies. That is what led me to MNCCTN as Regulatory Manager about a year and a half ago.


Amy's career road map visual from UMN-Duluth, Essentia Health, to MNCCTN

What is unique about MNCCTN?

There are several unique aspects of MNCCTN! There are not many multi-site networks that involve institutions across the state that focus on cancer research. Not only is MNCCTN structured as an avenue for various studies to reach each corner of the state, but the network also focuses on the importance of educating about research, as well as getting involved with the community to increase awareness and build relationships to foster trust.

What 3 words best describe the MNCCTN HUB team?

Adaptable, Motivated, and Fun!

What do you enjoy most about working in research? What is most challenging?

What I enjoy most about research is probably also one of its challenges, and that is how cancer research is a field that is always changing. I am constantly learning, whether it be technological advancements, updated regulations, or new and unique aspects of our research and clinical partners that I get to work with routinely. Since every day is different, it gives me the opportunity to continuously grow and evolve my professional skills!

What are the most important qualities and skills for a job in research?

I think the most important skills for a career in research are critical thinking, constant yearning to learn, and communication (not only speaking or writing, but also listening).