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Clinical Trials Day: Study Coordinators

Clinicals Trials Day is May 20, 2020, and we are celebrating all roles in research teams this week! Today's highlight is study coordinators.

Study coordinators, often called Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) or Research Nurses, are the boots on the ground staff conducting the daily work of a clinical trial. Study coordinators work closely with patients. They screen potential participants, check patient eligibility, enter data, and more. Study coordinators also go through the study protocol with the patient and obtain informed consent, or agreement to participate in the study, from each participant. 

Research nurses are study coordinators who have a registered nurse license (RN). Research nurses conduct much of the same work as CRCs. However, research nurses typically have other nursing duties for the study, such as collecting samples, placing IVs, administering drugs, performing exams, etc.

Each MNCCTN site has at least one study coordinator or research nurse, with some coordinators working at multiple sites. We are so thankful for our study coordinators and research nurses today and every day!