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Clinical Trials Day: Lab & Pharmacy

Clinicals Trials Day is May 20, 2020, and we are celebrating all roles in research teams this week! Today's highlight is Lab & Pharmacy staff.

Last but not least, laboratory and pharmacy staff are an important part of the research process. While not necessarily a part of the small study team, lab and pharmacy staff are necessary. While many lab and pharmacy staff do not participate in research, those who do need to have specific training.

During a study, lab staff collect and store study samples, such as blood. This often requires special equipment, such as freezers. Lab staff analyze the samples depending on the study’s needs. For example, a lab staff member may analyze blood for levels of a particular component, such as hemoglobin. Lab staff also may put together sampling kits for patients to take and send their own samples.

Pharmacists are very important for drug trials, a common clinical trial for cancer. The pharmacist ensures the study medication is safe. Pharmacists collaborate with the Principal Investigator in creating a study protocol. They may also advise on studies as a part of a committee. 

The main role of the pharmacist is making the correct dosages for the study, as well as dispensing and storing study drugs. They also are a key part of regulating the study to ensure it is safe and ethical for patients and follows local and national regulations and guidelines.

The clinical trial process is a collaborative one. Without each and every key member of the study team, clinical trials could not succeed and science would not progress. Thank you to everyone both working and participating in clinical research for all you do!