Data and Biospecimen Utilization Committee (DBUC)

The Data and Biospecimen Utilization Committee (DBUC) has been established to provide consistent organizational oversight for request, release and use of any Masonic Cancer Center biobank samples or data. The DBUC committee establishes requirements to ensure that all cancer specimens held by all Masonic Cancer Center-supported banks and all data in Masonic Cancer Center-supported patient registries have been acquired and managed responsibly in the same manner and in accordance with all applicable state, federal and university regulations and policies. Specimens and data gathered as part of therapeutic clinical trials will continue to be managed according to existing procedures.

The DBUC oversight will simplify the operational and regulatory burden and benefit MCC cancer research investigators who choose to participate. The DBUC mechanism will allow us to partner better with our IRB to document appropriate oversight and will allow us to provide good academic stewardship of our biospecimen resource.

The DBUC charter was approved by Masonic Cancer Center leadership and signed by Dr. Yee on February 9, 2018. The latest version of the charter is available here: DBUC Charter.

Quantitative Measure of Senescence Markers

The DBUC membership includes:

  • DBUC Chair
  • DBUC Admin Lead
  • Faculty Clinical Research Officers (FCROs)
  • Translational Working Group (TWG) Leads
  • Biobank PIs and Co-Is
  • Registry PIs and Co-Is
  • MCC Clinical Research Leadership
  • MCC Clinical Research Experts
  • Other Relevant Stakeholders 

All data released is managed through CISS and the DBUC Admin can assist with sample/data requests.