RFA Opportunity


For the initial funding cycle, up to three grants will be awarded, each with a maximum award amount of $125,000. Awardees will be expected to work in partnership with the MNCCTN HUB team on development and implementation of the study.

Proposed projects must be cancer-related and interventional. Both treatment interventional and non-treatment interventional trials will be considered.


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Community Site Awards

Community Site Awards. Proposed trials should be written specifically to be implemented at MNCCTN’s community sites in Minnesota.

  • Version A. Version A is open only to applicants from MNCCTN clinical partners. Clinical partners include Essentia Health, Sanford Health, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium (MMCORC), Mayo Clinic Health System, and M Health Fairview. Please reach out to the HUB with any questions regarding whether you are eligible to apply for this version.
  • Version B. Version B is open to all MNCCTN partners; research or clinical.

Diversity & Equity Award

Diversity and Equity Award. Proposed trials should be written specifically to address the cancer burden in an under-represented racial or ethnic minority population of Minnesota. Applicants to this award do not need to be affiliated with MNCCTN currently. If you would like to be paired with an academic investigator, please indicate so in the Letter of Intent. Projects funded by this award are not limited to a rural setting and do not have to open or be available to be open at current MNCCTN sites.