Cancer Prevention and Control Resources

CTO Services

Contact person: Mo Morris ( and Dedra Schendzielos (

  • Regulatory 
    IRB:  Protocol, consent form, HIPAA
    Regulatory staff: IRB, IND submission, yearly progress report submissions
    Cost: Billable (Rate: $89.99 per hour)
  • Protocol writing: (Protocol writers help build protocol and consent form; prepare documents sent for IRB, IND, ITP)
    Cost:  Non-billable for MCC member
  • Protocol sign-off (Protocol sign-off done  by the Program Manager (CTO) and CRTI confirms using a checklist)
  • Project Management: Program/project manager supervise and monitor protocol; oversee implementation of the study 
    Cost: Non-Billable for MCC member
  • Clinical Research
    Clinical Research Coordinators run studies. Cost: Billable (Rate $79.84 per hour)
    Research Nurse: Cost: Billable (Rate $121.51 per hour)

CRTI Services

Contact person: Deepa Kolaseri (

  • Clinical trials registration and reporting to CRTI supports cancer trials.  We request PIs or Program Managers to reach out to CRTI for registering their trials at  Cost: Non-billable for MCC member
  • CTRP (mandatory reporting)
    Cost: Non-billable for MCC member
  • OnCore and REDCap data support 
    REDCap: CRTI builds and maintains
    Cost: Billable $81.85 per hour
  • OnCore training: CRTI trains staff to create OnCore platform for the study, assess participant accrual, maintain database, and perform QC
    Cost: Non-billable for MCC member
  • Freezer work:  
    Admin support and training by CRTI: Non-billable for MCC member
    There is a fee associated with using Freezerwork to cover license and customer support from the company
  • CRTI directed Study Information Portal (SIP):  SIP displays all cancer clinical trials at M Health Fairview that are open to accrual and available for patients (Non-billable for MCC member).