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X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator

AHCMCC2 - Image - 250x232 - X-Rad UserThe X-RAD 320 is a self-contained X-ray system for delivering a precise radiation dosage to specimens in a biological or small animal research laboratory.

The shielded cabinet includes an Adjustable Specimen Shelf, Sample Viewing Window and Beam Hardening Filter Holder.

The X-RAD Control Panel is a multilanguage selectable graphical interface with all x-ray parameters and system status clearly displayed.

Programmable exposure settings allow for fast and repeatable exposure setup.

The X-ray tube is used specifically for radiation therapy having a highly homogenous beam.


Mayo B186

Irradiator Coordinator

Andy Price

AHCMCC2 - Image - 250x232 - X-Rad UserHigh Voltage Generator
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 320 KV
  • Maximum mA: 45



X-ray Tube
  • Maximum Potential: 320 KV
  • Maximum Power: 4000 W
  • Type: metal ceramic, fixed anode, air cooled
  • Focal Spot: 8 mm2 (per EN12543)


Dose Output
  • 3 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD, (beam hardening filter =2mm Al(>15 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD, [no beam hardening])


Operators Control
  • KV Setting & Display Accuracy: 5KV-320 KV in 0.1 KV increments
  • mA Setting & Display Accuracy: 0.1mA to 45 mA in 0.01 mA increments
  • Settings Accuracy: < 1%
  • Exposure Timer: 1-999 seconds or 0.1-99.9 minutes or continuous
  • Programmable Settings: 250 locations to recall exposure parameters
  • Graphical User Interface for operation simplicity
  • Selectable Multi-language Display


Additional X-Ray Unit Features
  • Automatic warm-up with Intelligent Tube Conditioning

$20.17 per test

  • Sign up using the online calendar.
  • Please cancel ASAP. Users CANNOT CANCEL reserved time on the instrument AFTER the time has passed. You will be billed if you do not schedule in advance.

Training on the X-RAD Irradiator is required before users can operate this instrument independently. Please contact Andy Price to schedule training:, 612-626-4321. The Radiation Safety for Radioactive Material Users online course must be completed as well. Visit the Department of Environmental Health and Safety website.

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