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Cancer Detection, Treatment & Survivorship

AHCMCC2 - Image - 180x272 - Karen KuntzProgram Leader:

Karen Kuntz, Sc.D.

Treatment outcomes and survivorship are increasingly critical components of cancer care as more patients with cancer are surviving. Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survivorship (CaDeTS) addresses a range of issues including initial care and care quality through treatment, survivorship, and survival. The development of a cancer center-wide program for outcomes and survivorship will add an important facet to existing therapeutic and research programs.

When fully implemented, CaDeTS will:

  • Coordinate and support a core of transdisciplinary, intra- and inter-programmatic innovative research of high quality that will advance the field of cancer detection, outcomes and survivorship;
  • provide patients with comprehensive and innovative clinical care care that recognizes the unique challenges of survivorship;
  • create educational opportunities across the professional and patient cancer community;
  • provide a career pathway for oncologists, health services researchers, epidemiologists, economists, social scientists, nurses, pharmacists and others who have a vested interest in improving the short-  and long-term experience of cancer patients.

The CaDeTS research, while diverse, focuses on four programmatic areas:

  • Enhancing cancer detection and access to cancer screening
  • Understanding treatment outcomes of cancer patients
  • Improving quality of life and functional outcomes of cancer patients
  • Addressing health disparities in outcomes of care

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