Masonic Cancer Center

A comprehensive cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute

Become a Member

Privileges of Membership

Masonic Cancer Center members, in addition to the ability to use shared resources, may be eligible to:

  • Receive an allocation of Masonic Cancer Center coordinated space to conduct research, education or patient care.
  • Obtain core grant funds.
  • Obtain private Masonic Cancer Center funds for cancer research and/or patient care activities.
Responsibilities of Membership
  • Work with other members of the Masonic Cancer Center to develop and participate in research, education and clinical and service programs.
  • Acknowledge Masonic Cancer Center membership in cancer-related publications and presentations.
  • Notify Masonic Cancer Center Administration of cancer-related intramural proposals and/or extramural grant applications in which the member is or plans to be involved.
  • Obtain approval of Masonic Cancer Center administrative offices prior to use of Masonic Cancer Center Resources.
  • Provide information required for NCI Cancer Center Support Grant reporting.
  • Participate in private fundraising activities.
Criteria for Membership
  • A member has faculty rank at the University of Minnesota (Assistant Professor or above on the tenure or non-tenure track), has a commitment to cancer research, and has published peer-reviewed cancer-related research.
  • A research member is a member who has peer-reviewed funding, leadership in clinical trials, or is a new recruit; and participates in a cancer center research program.
  • An adjunct member is an investigator from outside the University of Minnesota who has an ongoing affiliation with a program of the Masonic Cancer Center and who collaborates in Masonic Cancer Center research.
  • An affiliate is a member of the University of Minnesota faculty or staff who contributes to the overall mission of the Masonic Cancer Center in the areas of research, education, patient care and/or community outreach.
Procedure for Application

Individuals may apply for membership through submission of the Masonic Cancer Center Application for Membership.

  • Complete the membership application: PDF version | MS Word doc version
  • The applicant will include a statement to the Masonic Cancer Center Directors regarding his/her primary/other area of interest in cancer.
  • If all criteria are met, the candidate will be appointed by the Masonic Cancer Center Directors to the appropriate membership category and program area.
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